A daughter is a blessing to the parents, especially in Muslim culture. In the present-day situation, a girl in the family is always caring for the parents and the entire family. It is a delightful duty for her parents and grandparents to gift a lovely name to her. 

In Muslim families, babies are to be named on the seventh day of their birth. In the following, we have proposed 25 best modern Islamic names for Baby Girl.

Muslim names for Baby Girl


Abrish (One who decants water)
2. Afaf (Pureness)
3. Dania (God is my judge)
4. Daneen (Royalty)
5. Erina (Beautiful)
6. Haadiyah (Guide)
7. Inaaya (Gift of God)
8. Irha (God gifted)
9. Khatija (Someone who can trust)
10. Manal (Success)
11. Mallika (The royal queen of)
12. Fatima (Name for the Prophet’s daughter)
13. Mahaala (The oozing power of femaleness)
14. Minsa (Peace)
15. Parisa (Innocent
16. Umaiza (Beautiful)
17. Valiqa (Reliable
18. Sabina (Flower)
19. Qailah (One who declares)
20. Salena (Moon)
21. Shanzey (Prince)
22. Yusra (Affluent)
23. Yameena (A woman brought uprightly)
24. Eliza (Exceptional)

Aqsa (Brainy)

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