The world always sees celebrities earning their name by being constantly indulged in their professions. Only a few of them find time for their inner selves. Babar indeed was one of those and he found time at the peak of his career to satisfy his soul and religious dedication. He recently performed a pilgrimage (Umra) and visited the second most sacred place for Muslims, the Masjid e Nabvi.

He managed to generously share his feeling and emotions by posting his pictures with his fans. Pakistan skipper shared these images on Twitter and Instagram.

He didn’t need to get further attention in the media. However, he might have done to share his true love of religion with his fans. When performing Umra, usually celebrities avoid shaving their heads after performing Umra, however, Babar Azam did do so. It must be a message to all of his fans to follow the instructions in performing the duties. He was much praised for the full shaving of his head by most of his fans all over the world. May Almighty Allah bless him in his entire career.




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One reply on “Babar Azam – performs pilgrimage Umrah, at his career peak”

  • Aamina Bokhari
    May 3, 2022 at 11:14 am