Cleaning solar panels might be considered needless, but over time dirt and grime can accumulate on your solar pv panels, reducing their efficiency and consequently causing power loss. All manufacturers of solar pv panels require that you keep them in great shape in order to maintain the warranty on them. Therefore if you like to keep all those free energy units coming into your home or business, cleaning your panels is something you really need. In the following, crucial aspects have been described along with the ways how to clean solar panels like a professional.

Why Cleaning Solar Panels Is Important?

If you own solar panels, it is beneficial for you to keep them washed and scrubbed. Solar panel cleaning is recommended at least two times a year, but if you live in an area with dusty winds or your panels are exposed to activities like construction or other dust-generating happenings, you should wash them more often. Most solar panels are made of glass resistant to outdoor elements like dirt and bird droppings, heavy rains/hailstorms, etc.  However, cleaning your solar panels regularly will definitely help extend their life span and would result in generating maximum output.

How Often Should I Clean My Panels?

As stated above, solar panels should be cleaned at least twice a year—though it may not be necessary if you’re using your panels in a dust-free environment. However, if there are trees nearby, you’ll want to clean them more often (probably on a bi-monthly basis) during leaf season.

What Should I Use to Clean My Panels?

The two main elements you’ll want to clean your panels with are water and soap. Although there are chemicals on the market designed for cleaning solar panels, water will generally do a better job of getting rid of dirt without scratching your panels. We recommend using one part of liquid dishwashing soap for every forty parts of water.

Tools That Can Help You

A solar panel cleaning brush can help you get dust and dirt out of tough-to-reach areas. The brushes come in a variety of shapes, so you should choose one that will fit well on your solar panels. Brushes with microfiber material are recommended to avoid scratches on the glass.  However, be sure not to press too hard on your panels—doing so could cause damage.

What about Pressure Washing?

There are two common ways to clean solar panels: pressure washing and using a chemical cleaner. If you’re using a pressure washer, be careful—pressure washers can damage the glass if used too near to the panels. You need to change the setting of the hose nozzle accordingly.


It is concluded that in order the main the condition of solar panels and continue the supply of free energy units in your home or business cleaning is a must. The importance of cleaning and ways how to clean solar panels have been described above.


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